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Generous dog apartments. Varied exercise programme. Carefree holidays.

Boarding kennel


The dogs – males and females – live together matched according to age, size and temperament. They are only separated by light lattice grates, giving them an unobstructed view of the large area. The generous facility with its old stock of trees integrates exterior and interior areas in an especially pleasant and friendly way. In the summer, the green canopy of leaves throws cool shadows. In addition to the dog runs, large fenced meadows are available for a carefree exercise programme. The generous interior areas with cosy sleeping nooks all feature carpeting and blankets as well as baskets and soft beds. The four-legged guests feel comfortable with us right away. We have got enough time for each animal.

Fun, games and lots of personal attention ensure a stay that is never boring. But we also make sure there are periods of rest, e.g. after feeding. Feeding the animals is very involved, since we observe every detail in preparing the individual meals according to the respective needs of the big and small guests. The animals are fed up to three times a day with special care and attention of our handlers. Special food requirements, diets as well as instructions from vets, such as the administration of prescription drugs, are observed to a tee.

The dog-friendly beauty and wellness oasis is especially popular. Brushing, grooming and regular health inspections are also part of our services. Whether out of doors or inside, the four-legged guests are looked after with the greatest care. During bad weather, our large all-weather hall ensures that the animals get enough exercise and play. 

Our comprehensive services are the same for all our “guests”. 

The following options can be booked in addition: 



Comfort Option

Flooded with light from a large window front, the living areas are of the highest standard.

The modern buildings, constructed in the Isental wood frame style, offer generous living quarters from 16 to 30 sqm, each with adjoining outdoor area and huge meadows for games and play.

The cantilevered roof allows for many options to play and romp outside, even if the weather gods don’t play along now and then. The cosy radiant heat of the wall heaters ensure pleasant temperatures year-round. All apartments have been fitted with a novel, very soft floor covering that promotes the health of the animals. It is especially easy on the joints and slip-resistant.

Older dogs and those in particular need of care are also taken care of. Separate living quarters with their own run in the garden are available for them.


Premium Option

Suites with superior appointments as well as exclusive living in our private household are available, of course always with access to our large garden and court yard. Your dog lives with us in our private home “like at home”, and we always take him along.

The four-legged guests play in pairs or in small groups, which is why we can only accommodate compatible dogs here.


Bow-Wow Express Option

Our pick-up and delivery service commutes twice a week between Munich and Obertaufkirchen.

Every Monday and Friday between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. you can conveniently hand over your darling in Munich to have him chauffeured  safely to his holiday home in our specially converted Bow-Wow Express vehicles and have him returned in the same convenient way.

The vehicles are fully air-conditioned and outfitted with special safety cages for transporting dogs. 


We also offer additional services on request:

  • additional walks
  • game and play programmes
  • agility-/ obedience exercises
  • searching and tracking games


Preise Hundepension

As of October 2017

Toy dogs – Toy Dachshund, Toy Pincher etc.




Small dogs - Dachshund, Maltese etc.




Mid-size dogs- West Highland Terrier, Beagle etc.




Larger dogs – German Shepherd, Retriever etc.




Big dogs - Hovawart, Rottweiler, Mastiff etc.




Heating surcharge 01.10. to 30.04.




Grooming of long-haired dogs

6.00      to







Extras per day or time specified




Comfort Option




Premium Option small to mid-size dogs




Premium Option large dogs




Additional walks

20 min.



Running/playing on large meadow

20 min.



Playing and games in hall

20 min.



Agility exercises

20 min.



Individual accommodation off-season

+ 50%



Individual accommodation main season

+ 80%



Shuttle service Munich – boarding kennel - Munich




One-way fare








All prices include 19 % VAT












playing on large meadow
playing on large meadow

Hundepension Maier

Wendenheim 2-4

84419 Obertaufkirchen

Tel.: 0 80 82 / 12 14

Fax.: 0 80 82 / 59 97


Montag bis Samstag

8.00 Uhr bis 10.30 Uhr

14.00 Uhr bis 16.30 Uhr




25.11.18 bis 09.12.18



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Mittwoch bis Samstag

14.00 Uhr bis 16.00 Uhr

außerhalb bay. Schulferien

Samstag nach Anmeldung


Stadtbüro München

Eggenfeldener Str. 64

81929 München

Tel.: 089 / 65 52 53


2 x wöchentlich:

Montag & Freitag

12.30 Uhr bis 13.30 Uhr


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Als Anneliese Maier ihre Leidenschaft im Jahr 1946 zum Beruf auserkor, legte sie den Grundstein für die erste Hundepension in ganz Europa.

Chronik der Familie Maier-Breitsamer