The Hutel Maier

Hotel for business travellers with dog

We - the Hutel Maier with our adjoining dog holiday home – offer your dog relaxing hours or even days while you can keep your appointments without a care.

When you return to our hotel in the evening after a stressful working day, your four-legged friend will be waiting for you in your hotel room, completely content and well cared for.

All rooms have shower/toilet facilities and satellite TV. The Comfort rooms feature an additional living room area.

Breakfast is included. 


  • Only 30 minutes by car or train to the Munich trade fair grounds
  • Comfortable living during your stay
  • Comfortable rooms in various categories. Parking right at the hotel.
  • During your absence we offer a holiday in our 5-star holiday home for your dog
  • During the day we offer your dog a lot of play with people and other dogs and a lot of exercise
  • Extra walks or time on our 2000 sqm playing field on request
  • First-class food tailored to all needs
  • No surcharge for keeping your dog in your room


Holidays with your dog

The private atmosphere of our house, the easy-going companionship among like-minded people, the charming surroundings of the beautiful upper Bavarian Alpine foothills, the loving and patient training of your dog leading to in quick success, and last but not least the specific lessons for the dog’s attachment figure not only ensures satisfied “two- and four-legged customers”, but also prompts many of our guests to come back again and again.

Munich, Salzburg, Passau, Altötting or Chiemsee Lake are nearby destinations inviting you to take interesting day trips. 

The dogs may of course stay with you in your room and go along everywhere else!
On request we are happy to look after your four-legged friend by the hour or day if he can’t come along on a trip.



Many varied and interesting recreational activities are on offer close to our training centre:
“Experience” our glorious nature while cycling on well-marked bicycle trails (we provide the bikes free of charge) or get to know and enjoy our beautiful countryside on extended walks and hikes far from the centres of mass tourism. Two very nice golf courses are available nearby for passionate golfers.

Self-training your dog during your holidays

We invite you to take part in the individual training of your dog with our professional instructors during your holidays with us. The training takes place on app. 5 1/2 days of the week (where required twice a day at 60 min. each), either in individual or in group sessions. In training your dog, we take your personal wishes and needs as well as the capabilities of your dog into account. We recommend to start the “Master and Dog” training with individual lessons.


In individual lessons the dog, the instructor and the master get to know each other, and soon it becomes apparent, which areas require training. It only takes a few lessons to learn how to correctly lead and encourage your dog when facing distractions and encountering others.


In group lessons (up to app. 6 dogs and owners), all kinds of realistic situations are simulated to get the dogs used to them ("learning by association"). To ensure that the dogs have fun and gladly cooperate in the obedience training, they get positive reinforcement again and again.


Traffic safety training – practical traffic safety training for dogs and their owners 

These exercises focus in particular on the social interaction of the dogs. During the exercises the owners are told how to correctly lead their dog and encourage socially acceptable behaviour in him. 

Because an obedient dog and a relaxed owner are welcome guests everywhere.


Hutel Prices

As of October 2018  inkl. 19 % Tax

Prices per room and day









Comfort room in the new building,

Living area, shower/toilet, TV, telephone, W-Lan




Type A - ca. 29 sqm

Double room with balcony access, patio door

Beds stand apart

1 person

2 persons





Type B - app. 30 sqm

Double room with balcony access, 2 patio doors

Double bed

1 person

2 persons

3 persons







Type C - app. 27 sqm

Double room with balcony access, 2 patio doors

Double bed

1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4 persons









Type D - app. 20 sqm

Single bed rooms

1 person



Surcharges Arrival / Departure / Cancellation




extra dog per day




in case of two days per person and day








14 days before arrival




7 days before arrival




early departure














Hundepension Maier

Wendenheim 2-4

84419 Obertaufkirchen

Tel.: 0 80 82 / 12 14


Montag bis Samstag

8.00 Uhr bis 10.30 Uhr

Montag, Mittwoch bis Samstag

14.00 Uhr bis 16.30 Uhr




21.11.19 bis 06.12.19



english Informations



Mittwoch bis Samstag

14.00 Uhr bis 16.00 Uhr

außerhalb bay. Schulferien

Samstag nach Anmeldung


Stadtbüro München

Eggenfeldener Str. 64

81929 München

Tel.: 089 / 65 52 53


2 x wöchentlich:

Montag & Freitag

12.30 Uhr bis 13.30 Uhr


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Als Anneliese Maier ihre Leidenschaft im Jahr 1946 zum Beruf auserkor, legte sie den Grundstein für die erste Hundepension in ganz Europa.

Chronik der Familie Maier-Breitsamer