The Maier-Breitsamer Dog School

Boarding School Training

Training of your dog (without owner)

Only a well-trained and obedient dog can ensure a harmonious and problem-free cohabitation of human and animal. Our guiding principle is not uncompromising coercion, but learning with joy, motivation and repetition (however, with consequences).
For a solid obedience training without the owner, we recommend a 4-6 week training programme focusing primarily on your wishes and needs and the capabilities of your dog.
The training of your dog with our trainers takes place at certain intervals several times a day, precisely in areas in which the owner usually has problems with the dog (e.g. on walks or hiking trails, when encountering other dogs, joggers or cyclists, in the woods, in the city, in the house, restaurant, car etc.).

At the end of the boarding school training we present your trained dog and also use him to show you how to handle him. You should take 2-3 days to practice with him. 




We help you in training your dog to become a socially compatible partner and teach you how to train your dog as well. Under the guidance of our professional trainers we offer individual or group lessons to learn how to train your dog yourself.
In these training sessions we convey extensive theoretical and practical knowledge about the learning processes of dogs and their behaviour to be able to build a trusting relationship between man and dog.

During individual training sessions we specifically address your needs and those of your dog and give you helpful tips, from basic training of young dogs to solving problems in grown-up dogs. We teach you effective techniques in leading the dog through the handler’s behaviour and sound signals and “body language”. The individual training also teaches your dog to ignore distractions.

All kinds of real-life situations are practised again and again during group sessions (up to app. 6 dogs and owners). These exercises pay special attention to the social interaction of the dogs and also to encouraging your dog to abandon play and come back to you.

You can book individual or group training sessions at our school in 84419 Obertaufkirchen by arrangement according to your wishes any weekday (including Saturday) in the morning and/or the afternoon.

In case of bad weather, the training takes place in our large training hall. 



  • Practical instructions in leading your dog when distracted by other dogs, cyclists, joggers, skaters
  • Training to become an obedient pet and family dog
  • Breaking of bad habits (e.g. fighting, poaching, jumping up at people)
  • Training for appropriate dog behaviour in traffic and return of the off-leash dog when called
  • Refusal to eat (risk of poisoning!)
  • Legal advice in connection with owning and keeping a dog (from liability in case of damages to the latest hunting and safety provisions)


Self-training your dog during your holidays

Combined Training

If you don’t want to miss your dog for such a long time, just let us take your four-legged friend for a basic training course lasting app. 3-4 weeks, after which you join us for about 1 week in our guest house HUTEL MAIER to consolidate your dog’s obedience during the daily exercises and also to use your own dog to be instructed and taught yourself. 



Consultation in all matters concerning dogs

Legal advice
- in connection with owning and keeping a dog
- from liability in case of damages to the latest hunting and safety provisions

Training for dog owners (very important !!)
- effective techniques in leading the dog through the handler’s behaviour and sound signals and “body language” to have the dog submit happily without resorting to violence and to achieve a life with you and your family and the world around him that is free of conflicts and based on natural authority
- acquisition of a "Driving License for Dog Owners"

What dog do you take to school, and how old should he be?
We accept any dog, no matter if he is a purebred dog or not, no matter if he is large or small, young or old. We welcome the development to start with training early on. Depending on the level of maturity and activity of your dog, one can already start with a training programme that is tailored to the individual animal between the fourth and sixth month of life. In this case the ideal solution is to come to our HUTEL MAIER for a few days, where we will familiarize you with the right prepared training exercises to set your dog on the right course through play and constant contact with other dogs.

Dogs have the great gift of being able to learn and adjust at any age. You will be amazed at how well your four-legged friend can still readjust even at an “advanced age” with the right leadership and instructions. The best age for basic training is between 10 and 20 months (small dogs earlier, larger and great big dogs are late developers) 



training program and content

Training to become an obedient family dog, pet and companion
- Basic training: heel, sit, down and stay exercises

Off-leash following and running
- Exercises like above, but without leash
- Ensuring the return of the dog when distracted and in excitable situations

No barking when left alone in the house
- or in the apartment
- acoustic monitoring

Traffic safety and car training
- appropriate behaviour in city and countryside traffic
- calm behaviour in the car

Breaking bad habits
- Stealing (acoustic monitoring)
- Jumping up at people, fighting, poaching
- Running after joggers, cyclists

Improvement of temperament
- in case of nervous, anxious or aggressive dogs (no surcharge for "problem dogs")

Refusal to eat (risk of poisoning!)
- taking nothing from the ground
- taking nothing from strangers

Training for exhibitions and shows
- for purebred or show dogs


prices on dog school

As of 01. September 2023

Boarding training school dog without owner

add costs for boarding, grooming or special diet

Small  dogs - West Highland Terrier  etc.  per week 340,00 Euro
Mid-Size dogs -  Beagle etc.       per week 340,00 Euro
Larger dogs – German Shepherd, Retriever etc.  per week 420,00 Euro
Big dogs - Hovawart, Rottweiler, Mastiff etc. per week               460,00 Euro


Training of owner with dog 
Individual lesson ( 1 dog, 1 owner )  60 Min. 75,00 Euro
Group lesson    45,00 Euro